Understand & Address YOUR Needs

Through an online platform (Zoom or FaceTime), we will go through an onboarding and evaluation process. This is your opportunity to share your goals, the reason you are seeing me, and important health history. I will take you through a neurological screening and together we will develop important drills that you can begin using immediately to feel better. For additional value, I will also send you a video of our takeaways that will assist you as you begin moving away from pain.

$50 / per eval * half off regular price!

Online Class

Destress, Move & Strengthen!

Through Zoom, you will join other committed people in a weekly class as we address the needs of our bodies. Given everything going on in our world and our lives, our stress levels are higher, we move less, and stare at screens more. Join me as we reconnect with our bodies, destress through breathing and restorative vision work, and strengthen our muscles through movement.

$25 / per class