Are you frustrated that you
can’t do the things you would
like to because of pain?
Have you tried other modalities
but haven’t seen lasting
Are you tired of feeling hopeless
and ready to try a brain-based approach?

My Story

I help people who struggle with stress and chronic pain regain confidence in their body and optimism for the future. Helping you move away from pain and regain your quality of life is important to me because I have struggled with it myself.

After high school I started noticing different physical issues and began believing that living with discomfort was just a new reality of life. When I was 22 I was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo a grueling chemotherapy regimen and a major surgery. My life turned upside down.

I beat my cancer but my pain was still with me. I eventually started seeking help from many professionals including doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, you name it. But after all that money and time I still felt essentially the same; until I found Z-Health, a brain based approach to pain and fitness.

After transforming my life I knew that I wanted to share this approach so that you don’t have to live feeling frustrated and hopeless.

My Approach

My quality of life started to really improve when I began applying and understanding the concepts behind the science of pain.

Traditionally in the field of pain management and sports medicine people have a bio-mechanical approach. But, to make an analogy to your car breaking down, that is like expecting that working on a side panel will restart your engine!

Our bodies our governed by our brain and nervous system, and we rely on many systems to work well in order for us to feel good and perform at a high level. For example, our vision, balance, ability to move and breathe properly are tremendously important, and whether or not they are working well can either make or break us.

When you work with me I assess where your sticking points are, and help you develop the practices and systems that you need to feel good and live the life you want to live.

Drew Van Zee | Personal Trainer | Chronic Pain Relief
Drew Van Zee - Online Personal Trainer



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Drew Van Zee - Online Personal Trainer

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Understand & Address YOUR Needs

Through an online platform (Zoom or FaceTime), we will go through an onboarding and evaluation process. This is your opportunity to share your goals, the reason you are seeing me, and important health history. I will take you through a neurological screening and together we will develop important drills that you can begin using immediately to feel better. For additional value, I will also send you a video of our takeaways that will assist you as you begin moving away from pain.